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Latest Paranormal News

August 12, 2017 - The Ghost Box book tour is in full swing! We have already performed our Moon Family Psychic Experience and private readings in Miami and Tequesta Florida. Book signings have been very busy and our book "Ghost Box" has been #1 on since it's debut August 8th for 5 straight days! Check out one of our many amazing reviews in Publishers Weekly:

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What services does Christopher offer?


  • Night of the Unknown and The Moon Family Psychic Experience events: Join the Electronic Psychic Medium Chris Moon and his Clairvoyant mother, Paulette "Mamma" Moon for an unforgettable event! The evening will begin with a fascinating look into the Moon family history including how Chris came to obtain and use the Ghost Box as well as their many otherworldly experiences. After the introductions several members of the audience will have the opportunity to get a psychic reading from Mamma and Chris using their gifts which include aura and chakra readings, tarot cards, palm reading, mediumship and messages from guides and angels. The evening will conclude with the one of a kind "Electronic Séance" where a lucky group of attendees will have the chance to communicate directly with their deceased loved ones using Chris's mediumship abilities and the Ghost Box. These events sell out quickly so get your tickets early!
  • Private Ghost Box readings: Christopher will be your personal medium and operator to connect with the other side. Clients will be able to contact loved ones who have passed or are comatose, famous and historical figures long departed, pets lost as well as spirit guides. Clients will also have the ability to gain insight into past lives and current life missions.


  • Ghost Hunter Universities: An event held in locations with purported paranormal activity, G.H.U.  offers the public a chance to become actual ghost hunters. Christopher was the first ever to conduct this type of event in 2003. The evening starts with a presentation covering the supernatural by Christopher and the Paranormal Investigator Magazine team. Classes offered include Ghost Hunting 101, Ghost Hunting 102 (advanced), Ghost Hunting 103 (Spirit Communication) and Ghost Hunting 104 (Most Extraordinary Cases). The presentation is then followed by a Haunted History Dinner and tour. After a short break the attendees are taken on a full paranormal investigation of the property by Christopher and the team using actual ghost hunting equipment including the Telephone to the Dead. After the ghost hunt the team conducts an evidence wrap-up session to see what the initial findings were for the night. The event ends with graduation as each attendee is presented with a certificate of completion. 
  • College Speaking Events: Christopher will come to your school and conduct a one to three hour presentation of actual paranormal accounts and evidence that will leave the crowd scared, entertained, intrigued, stunned and wanting more. Following the presentation Christopher will lead a group of up to seventy students on an actual interactive ghost hunt of the campus using the Telephone to the Dead and other investigation tools. An event that will leave students asking when he will be returning again.

Legal notice to all potential Ghost Box clients: Christopher Moon is a psychic medium who facilitates communications with the other other side using the machine known as the Ghost Box (aka Frank's Box and the Telephone to the Dead.) While Christopher has confidence in the messages passed on through sessions he conducts he expects that clients use rational thought and common sense before deciding to act upon said messages. By agreeing to participate in a public or private session with Christopher potential clients are expected not to be under the care of a doctor for any type of diagnosed psychosis. Christopher is not a doctor, lawyer, counselor, law enforcement agent, private detective or anything other than a psychic medium. All payments made to Christopher for Ghost Box readings and recordings of such are expected to be made from individuals who are well equipped to pay for such sessions using their own funds. Christopher is not liable in any way for the actions of any client.