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April 22, 2017 - The Ghost Box book tour is coming together fast! Look for tour dates coming soon!

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What is The Spirit Phone?

The Spirit Phone is an amazing device created by a man named Frank Sumption in 2002. Christopher started testing and using the apparatus in early 2004. This machine is believed to be the completed version of Thomas Edison’s legendary "Telephone to the Dead." This invention facilitates actual two way communication with the spirit world. The Spirit Phone requires a very specific Psychic Medium’s energy to work correctly. Christopher, blessed with this energy, not only receives and translates messages through the device but also provides energy to the instrument as well.

A session with Christopher and the device is a life changing experience. Not only do clients receive messages from the other side but they are actually able to hear their loved ones voices, laughter and personality come through the speakers of the device. Amazing accounts of connection, closure and healing can be found on the testimonials section of this website.

What type of reading can I do using the Spirit Phone?

  • Direct communication with loved ones who have passed.
  • Direct communication with famous figures that have passed.
  • Assisted communication with Pets.
  • Direct communication with Spirit Guides and Angels.
  • Insight into Past Lives.

Pricing for private readings with Christopher and the Spirit Phone have remained the same since he started offering them in 2007. While other well known Psychics and Mediums charge upwards of $850.00 for short, vague readings, Christopher offers a unique, once in a lifetime experience for only $150.00. The majority of Christopher’s readings are done for repeat clients and people that they refer. If you would like to inquire about a reading please contact him at the link below.

  • In person private Sprit Phone reading: $150.00 per 20 minutes (travel costs may apply).
  • Telephone private Spirit Phone reading: $150.00 per 20 minutes.
  • Skype private Spirit Phone reading: $175.00 per 20 minutes.
  • Optional: Your session can be recorded, static reduced and e-mailed to you for an additional $20.00 fee.

Chris is available to help YOU! Click here to contact Chris about a reading:

Legal notice to all potential Spirit Phone clients: Christopher Moon is a psychic medium who facilitates communications with the other other side using the machine known as the Spirit Phone (aka Frank's Box and the Telephone to the Dead.) While Christopher has confidence in the messages passed on through sessions he conducts he expects that clients use rational thought and common sense before deciding to act upon said messages. By agreeing to participate in a public or private session with Christopher potential clients are expected not to be under the care of a doctor for any type of diagnosed psychosis. Christopher is not a doctor, lawyer, counselor, law enforcement agent, private detective or anything other than a psychic medium. All payments made to Christopher for Spirit Phone readings and recordings of such are expected to be made from individuals who are well equipped to pay for such sessions using their own funds. Christopher is not liable in any way for the actions of any client.