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May 17, 2017 - I am so excited that we just released episode 4 of the Ghost Box Chronicles! You can see it on the home page. Mamma Moon and I leave for Iowa this Friday to do 4 amazing events over 10 days! Can't wait!

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This is episode #4 of the Ghost Box Chronicles!

This is the newest installment of our YouTube series "The Ghost Box Chronicles." In episode 3 we demonstrate what we do for our psychic events and private readings using the Ghost Box!

Join Psychic Medium Christopher Moon, his mother Paulette "Mamma" Moon and the rest of the Ghost Box Paranormal Society for another amazing paranormal adventure! This time the team attempts to help a homeowner in Denver, CO who is being plagued with ghostly activity.

The very first episode of my web series "The Ghost Box Chronicles"

Live interactive ghost hunt on Facebook Live 2-11-17!

Live interactive ghost hunt!

The very first episode of my web series "The Ghost Box Chronicles."

Mamma Moon and Chris Moon featured on the Halloween special for 'Life to the Max' on CBS.

I co-starred on the show Door to the Dead with John Oliver.

Interviewed by Spookstalker at the Mason House Inn.

The episode of Paranormal State that I was featured on.

Here is some great evidence from my lecture and ghost hunt at Carroll College in Iowa.

2013: Life to Max (CBS) A good example of what I do.

(2010) The promo for "SCARED! at The Lizzie Borden House."

(2005) From the Documentary "Chasing the Shadows." Using the Telephone to the Dead to communicate with spirits in an abandoned theater as well a a 30 year old double murder sight.

(2007) Dina and I conducting a Telephone to the Dead session on the ghost hunt with students at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Shot by unknown student.

(2009) An amazing video shot by Kris Bronson in Springfield, IL. where we were able to make contact with the great President Lincoln!

(2012)Coverage of an event I did at St. Cloud State University made by student Kirk Hiltner.

(2007) Christopher and the Haunted Times Magazine staff featured on the Travel Channel's "Most Extreme Places to Stay (Lizzie Borden House."

A sneak peek at Ghost Box with Christopher Moon!